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Q: I want to check out but I don't see an option to pay with my major credit card.  How do I check out? 

A: Click on the Paypal payment option. If you have a PayPal account that you want to pay with,  fabulous! But don't worry if you don't have an account. After you click on the PayPal button, it will bring you to a new page with the option to pay with a credit card instead. 

Q: EEK! I forgot to use my Coupon Code and I just paid! Now what? 

A: First of all, relax and know that I've got you.  There's a couple of options you have: 1. If it was your first purchase, you can save that coupon code for next time (and be sure to add even more to your cart for bigger savings next time! ) or 2. Email me and let me know what happened.  I'll be happy to credit the amount to your account that you would have saved with the coupon for you to use on your next purchase. See? All will be good in the end. 

Q: I was shopping a few hours ago and when I came back, my cart was empty!  Why?

A: Due to limited quantities in stock, carts have a 2 hour expiration limit. If the item was coveted enough to sell out and was waitlisted by another customer, it would have popped out of your cart and into their cart. You should get at least one reminder to check out before it expires though. Hopefully it's still available to add back into your cart, but don't forget to checkout!  Otherswise, you can waitlist it and lets cross our fingers that the customer who lucked out after your cart excited lets their cart expire! Again, if it pops back into your cart... you better move fast before the 2 hours runs out again. 

Q: Will something 100% be restocked if it's waitlisted? 

A: Not always. If I can't get my hands on any more of that item or if not enough people want it so I can fulfill a minimum quantity requirement with my vendors,  I wont always be able to fulfill a waitlisted item. However, if you preauthorize a waitlisted item, I'll do whatever I can to get it for you. 

Q: What does "Preauthorize a waitlisted item" mean anyway?

A: That means that you get priority on restocked items on your waitlist and I'll make sure to reorder it asap if its still available from the vendor. Go You! When the items you have waitlisted get restocked, you will be billed for them right away upon receiving the shipment into the boutique. You won't get charged until after the product comes in, but you wont get it added to your cart to "Check Out" because the system with automatically process your order and charge you since you already preauthorized the charge. Easy, right? Right!