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The Name Behind the Name

Oh, hi there! It's Erin and I'm the creator and sole owner of Emotions Boutique LLC. I've been obsessed with fashion pretty much all my life. I've also been curvy most of my life and I've learned a thing or two about clothes and how they fit a woman's body. So much so, that no matter what size I've been over the years, I was always told that I could rock any size because of the way I dressed and presented myself. Eventually, women started asking me to shop with them and find things that would complement their figure too. I realized that I loved helping other women find clothes that made them look amazing. I've learned a few rules over the years too...First rule of thumb: Rock out the clothes you love in confidence! The way you present yourself in your clothes makes allll the difference in how those clothes look on you- no matter your size! Walk into the room with your head held high and exude positive energy just knowing you love what you're wearing. Second rule: you won't know until you TRY IT ON. You don't know how many times I've gone shopping with my girlfriends and picked out something for them to wear and they told me "I think it's cute but I don't think that style will look good on my body type." Girl, just TRY IT and trust me.  8 out of 10 times, they'd come out of the dressing room whistling a new tune and aware of a new style that DOES look good on their body type. So if you like it, try it. Clothes speak to us and we should listen. A side to us that is longing to be the girl who would rock that piece is whispering to our subconscious and begging us to try something new. In my eyes, your clothes should be an extension of who you are and how you want to be perceived...and that can change by the day! I believe you can choose to be anything you want just by the clothes you wear that day and the emotions they give you.

Back in middle school, I used to think that once you decide on a "specific" style, that you're stuck with that style forever because that's how the world knows you. How depressing though, right? Why should we have to be locked into only one style of clothes?  That's like telling the world you only have one layer to you... and let's face it, that's just not true. So over the years, I started to evolve and change my style every few years. Except I came to learn that I didn't want to just get a new style every few years, I wanted to dress however I felt and be confident in ANY style , no matter what or who I was the day before, every day.  I am a woman with a revolving closet of emotions and I want to express those emotions with the clothes I'm wearing. So guess what? That's what I did. I created a revolving closet of styles to match my emotions daily and I ROCKED IT. 

I'm good at knowing what compliments a womans body. I spend hours upon hours every week hunting for pieces that will either inspire or satisfy an emotion from my customers. I want my customers to feel like they are ALLOWED to love that gorgeous carefree bohemian dress AND that badass rocker girl tee. I want them to see something and know right away that they HAVE to have it, and that if they adore it, they should buy it because it's an extension of who they are. I want to provide affordable fashion that will represent any emotion my customers are feeling on any given day and know that my boutique has them covered for all their day-to- day fashion needs. So if I'm missing something, I want my customers to let me know because I won't stop until I find it for them. We all deserve to be and dress exactly what we want to be. Now get shopping girl and know that I've got your back.  XOXO- Erin